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Precision for your Success
Feinwerkbau it roughly translates to “Precision Tool Factory” and that is what they do, target rifles and pistols of the best designs made to the highest precision for your target shooting success.


Gehmann has world-wide recognition as the leading target shooting equipment manufacturer and supplier, from the local shooting club to the Olympic games, there is Gehmann

Kurt Thune

Kurt Thune leads the world in design of best sport shooting wear, both custom made and off the shelf.

Spare Parts

We carry an extensive range of spare parts for the products of the manufacturers we represent.

Product Lists

Below you'll find our individual product lists.

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Graeme at the IWA Gun Show


We are not gunsmiths and we do not do repairs although we do supply spare parts for the products that we sell.


  • www.gehmann.com
  • www.feinwerkbau.de
  • www.kurtthune.com
  • www.tdcmfg.com

In addition to our major factory suppliers that we import product direct from the overseas factories we also have other lines of interest to our customer base, we also import Circle Fly wads for shotgun, rifle & pistol shooting, we also stock the famous Ted Cash cappers and other brass accessories for the black powder aficionado.

We also have access to products from many of the major wholesale importers in Australia, we stock RWS Percussion Caps for rifles, pistols and musket. We can order other RWS products if required however these products can take many months to arrive.

We stock reloading tools for the classic calibre rifles we sell, we hold stocks of Lyman & RCBS die sets in 32-20, 38-55, 40-65, 45-70, 45-90, 45-120 and more. A large range of bullet moulds for BPC and round ball shooting in stock along with sizing dies and top punches for Lube Sizing presses.

We can supply reloading presses and all sorts of case preparation gear from RCBS, Lyman, Lee, Hornady & Redding to order if we don’t have it in stock.