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Over fifty years combined experience as target shooters including representation at state and national teams gives us the expertise to provide the best advice and equipment for the ISSF target shooting disciplines. After owning and using the three major brands of target rifles we have determined that Feinwerkbau offers the best value of all and we now solely support and import Feinwerkbau for your shooting perfection. Various air rifles and small bore rifles, the AW93 standard pistol and P11, P44 and P55 air pistols.

We are distributors for Feinwerkbau ISSF target rifles and pistols and spare parts for same.

Gehmann slings & shooting clothing, jackets, gloves, boots, as well as Gehmann sighting equipment for all rifle disciplines, and test equipment to ISSF specifications.

Kurt Thune shooting clothing and accessories, top quality, Made in Finland, shooting jackets, pants, either made-to measure or stock sizes. Undergarments and boots as well as slings and gloves.

We also offer the “Morini” range of ISSF pistols, Free Pistols, Standard Pistols and Rapid fire as well as their range of air pistols for the discerning shooter.

We represent RUAG Ammotec, manufacturer of RWS and GECO branded ammunition. This is the highest quality ammunition available today, Made in Germany for your success. “The ammunition counts”. RWS has manufactured high quality ammunition for over one hundred years; all components are manufactured to the highest standards in their own factory with fully integrated systems. They offer a full range of rim fire ammunition whether for hunting or target shooting to Olympic level, Centrefire target ammunition is available in various calibres loaded to the highest standards. When the shot is important the ammunition counts dramatically for your ultimate success, whether it is precision target shooting or hunting that elusive game.
Centrefire hunting ammunition available loaded with RWS manufactured projectiles with various designs suited to different game hunting conditions. There are 10 unique projectile designs available in various calibres which allow the hunter to select the most appropriate bullet for the game intended; RWS offer loaded ammunition in calibres seldom available elsewhere.

Black Powder
With 25 years of black powder shooting experience we also bring you the Pedersoli “Black Powder No. 1” line, Pedersoli is the major supplier worldwide of high quality black powder firearms, authentic replicas built to the original design but made with modern technology to the highest quality standards. Pedersoli dominates the medal count every year at MLAIC events worldwide and also offers a full line of rifles for black powder cartridge events.

\All Pedersoli Black Powder No.1 firearms are proofed at the Italian National Proof House to CIP standards. All rifles are suitable for use with modern cartridges manufactured to CIP and SAAMI standards. Some rifles in historical calibres such as 45/90, 45/100, 45/110, 45/120, 50/70 and 50/90 are marked “Black Powder Only” as there is no commercially available ammunition for these calibres. They can be loaded with smokeless powder provided you use data from a recognised powder manufacturer. ADI lists loadings for some of these calibres in their current reloading data book.

Export of Firearms & Ammunition
we are able to export firearms and ammunition, however this requires that you first get permission from your government on this form

This must be posted to us, we must have the original form (no faxed or emailed copies can be accepted). We must submit this original form to our Defence Department to get permission to export. We are unable to export to certain countries on a UN black list.

Export of loaded ammunition and primers in small quantities can be arranged however handling charges usually make it unviable, large quantities can be arranged. We can export unprimed cases and projectiles using the postal service subject to export licensing procedures as above.

Please e-mail for further advice.



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If you find a product on a manufacturers' website below that we do not currently stock, please advise us and we are more than willing to look into getting the product in for you.


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