About Us

Carved Graeme SML

We have been involved in the shooting sports for over fifty years now, I started to shoot as a young boy at my local smallbore club. As time evolved I had the opportunity import target shooting equipment and rifles in the early 1980’s to provide service to an under supplied market at the time.

Over seventy years of combined experience as target shooters representing our sport in state and national teams gives us the expertise to provide the best advice and equipment for most of the target shooting disciplines.

During this period, we contested all levels of events around Australia and represented our state in air rifle and smallbore competitions, whilst building a business that supported the shooters of the day in their particular disciplines.

In 1986 we were introduced to the sport of Black Powder shooting and discovered a new world of more relaxed and family friendly shooting sport. We began importing black powder firearms and accessories from Davide Pedersoli in Italy and have expanded the range of product available to the black powder shooters many fold. Many black powder events incorporate rendezvous style campsites with many families camping in the olde world style with white canvas tents and tepees, black pot cooking on campfires and dressing in the style of chosen period.

We are distributors for the following manufacturers: -

Pedersoli “Black Powder No 1” Historical Replica firearms and accessories

Feinwerkbau ISSF target rifles and pistols and spare parts for same.

Gehmann slings & shooting clothing, jackets, gloves, boots, sighting equipment for all rifle disciplines, and test equipment to ISSF specifications all Made in Germany.

Kurt Thune shooting clothing and accessories, top quality, Made in Finland, shooting jackets, pants, either made-to measure or stock sizes. Undergarments and boots as well as slings and gloves.

Please e-mail for further advice on any of our product lines.