Feinwerkbau, the name says it all it roughly translates to “Precision Tool Factory” and that is what they do, target rifles and pistols of the best designs made to the highest precision for your target shooting success. FWB air rifles and air pistols have dominated the winners list at major events for many years and the rimfire models also regularly feature on the winner’s dais worldwide.

Rifles are available in various configurations from the “Basic” to the Super Match; some models are ambidextrous for club use while all the top line models are available in right or left hand with 3 choices of grip size and several colour choices. Supplied ready to shoot with sights included. Also available in “Bench Rest” configuration.

Pistols are available in full or lightweight versions with several sizes of Morini grip available to suit the shooter or without grips if requested. Supplied in a hard plastic case.

FWB also offer the History No. 1 .36 cal single shot muzzle loading pistol and the History No. 2 cap and ball revolver based on the “Rogers & Spencer” design, the pinnacle of muzzle loading pistol design, available in .44 calibre (.457 ball size).

Forbes Wholesale have an extensive range of FWB targetshooting products. Click below to view the FWB range.



Target Rifles

Target Rifles made by Feinwerkbau are produced with greatest care and the long-time experience.

This leads to products that fulfill the demands from shooters from all over the world.

Air Rifles

The air rifles produced by Feinwerkbau fulfill the requirements of highest demands; and are thoroughly checked before dispatching.

Air Pistols

With the most modern manufacturing techniques, all components are produced in the
factory by Feinwerkbau.

Only high-quality raw materials are used to produce high-end products for your ultimate performance






Quality Firearms and Accessories

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