Gun Shows and Displays

We attend most of the various Arms Fairs in Melbourne and Sydney when we can co-ordinate our calendar with other events, at these Arms Fairs we try to display a representative range of our products suited to our experience of the market needs at the shows.

We are limited by the space available in our vehicle and the table space costs to having no more than about 25 guns and a range of accessories on display for sale.

If you are wanting to look at a product at a show please let us know at least 3 days in advance so that we can try to have the item at the show for your inspection. No point phoning the day before a show as we will probably already be setting up and your requested item may still be in our warehouse.

We also attend various shooting events from time to time where we display products suited to the event, at major Black Powder Rendezvous we quite often set up a pop up Pedersoli shop where we have a range of accessories available for your perusal, we no longer display guns at these events dues to the ever more onerous restrictions imposed on us by the various authorities.