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Choice of the world's olympic champions.

Morini Competition Arm S.A. was established in Italy in 1973 as an anatomical grip maker for target pistols.

Back then, shooters still hadn't started using personalized grips, all attention having been focused on the mechanical aspect of the gun.

Since then, Morini have continued to be not only the leading producer of anatomical grips, but also produce quality target air pistols favoured by competitors of the World Cups, European Championships, World Championships and Olympics.

Morini are now the sole supplier of grips for Steyr, Feinwerkbau, Anschutz, Fax and the rapid fire pistols of Carl Walther.

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We range Morini air guns, free pistols, and sport pistols.


Morini anatomical grips come in 7 different grip sizes

XXLarge L = 105 mm
XLarge L = 100 mm
Large L = 95 mm
Medium L = 90 mm
Small L = 85 mm
XSmall L = 80 mm
XXSmall L = 75 mm


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