News from IWA 2018

Once again I visited IWA in Nurnberg to meet with our suppliers and see the latest new developments in the firearms trade.

Our suppliers all had a range of new products for us to view and handle, unfortunately some of the most interesting have long lead times, the product prototypes are often announced at IWA in March frequently we do not get supply until about September.

This year Pedersoli announced a new 20# double barrelled flintlock shotgun and some new variants of the 1886 Lever Action rifles, a round barrel version of the 1886 rifle with a 26” barrel and a full length magazine, there is also a new hunting oriented “Boarbuster Mk 11” which features an adjustable cheekpiece and “Cerakote” finishes to the barrel & action.

Feinwerkbau have announced a newly developed smallbore target rifle, the Model 2800 which features a new design action with a very short bolt not much longer than a .22lr cartridge, the bolt features 3 front locking lugs and the experts claim that the new design works with any ammunition.

The barrel has a tuning system which allows the shooter to adjust the harmonics of the rifle to achieve maximum accuracy, initially the new rifle will be offered with a walnut stock, an aluminium stock will become available in the future.