Pedersoli Australia

After 32 years as agent for Armi Davide Pedersoli & C s.n.c of Gardone VT Italy it has come time for Debra and I to retire from the business, essentially from the biggest part of our business, Pedersoli Australia.

I have now reached my three score years and thirteen and we feel the need to spend time touring around this great country of ours, whilst we are still able.

We have thoroughly enjoyed developing the black powder business with the support of Pierreanglo Pedersoli of the Pedersoli company and with the support of you our valued customers. It has been a pleasure to meet many of you at the various events and arms fairs around Australia.

The camaraderie found attending muzzle loading events is a highlight. Now that we will have some spare time, we will endeavour to attend more far flung events keeping in touch with our friends and firing a few shots here and there while we are travelling around.

We are very pleased to have agreed, with the support of the Pedersoli factory, to sell the Pedersoli Australia business name and all the stock on hand to another shooter and businessman who has been involved with black powder sports for many years.

Roger Mowbray will operate the Pedersoli product range under the registered business name “Pedersoli Australia”

Roger continues to enjoy our support and encouragement as he alights on the path of greater involvement, interest, and support to our black powder movement through the Armi Davide Pedersoli Inc range of products. We heartily support Roger in this endeavour and hope you will to. We will be available to assist Roger as needed for as long as is needed, however given his vast experience in this field, we are sure he will service this market extremely well into the future.

Thank you to everyone who have bought and enjoyed Pedersoli products in the past. They are the best and most consistent available on the market. We have been immensely proud to represent Pedersoli over the last 30 plus years. Thank you to the new friends we formed through the black powder movement – they are very special and thank you for all your support over the years.

For all future enquires for black powder shooting products we commend Roger Mowbray of Pedersoli Australia.

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