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Most of the Blackpowder firearms and accessories we sell as listed on this site are manufactured by the World’s leading manufacturer of historical replica firearms, Davide Pedersoli & Co.

The Pedersoli company has been manufacturing muzzle loading and cartridge firearms and their accessories for almost 50years specialising in historical firearms from the time period from the 1700’s through to the 1890’s.

Pedersoli aims to recreate history by offering authentic reproductions of superior quality, the company produces almost all components to produce the product line in house, very few components are outsourced, the stocks come to the factory as slabbed trees and go through a long process of seasoning before being initially rough shaped before being transferred to the machining area where they are dried in a controlled atmosphere to a stable moisture level before initial profiling.

Stocks are then hung from the forend in controlled conditions for several more months to stress relieve the stock and to dry to the ultimate moisture level before being finish machined on hi-tech woodworking machinery which profiles the stocks and does all the inletting work for the locks and decorative features.

Barrels are deep hole drilled, reamed & bored to size before rifling either by the “button” method on the entry level models or broached with a 7 stage tool for the deeper cut rifling on the premium models which are air gauged to match grade standards, virtually all the components including screws and bolts etc are made in house on the latest CNC machinery, Pedersoli also manufacture a complete line of accessories for the black powder shooter, these include powder measures and flasks, cappers, bullet moulds and sighting accessories most of which can be used with other manufacturers products.

This year they have introduced a new reproduction of the 1886/71 Winchester lever action in 45-70 as well as a range of revolvers and shotguns for the Western Action aficionado.

Pedersoli have also purchased the tooling and patterns for the production of the Military musket lines formerly produced by Euroarms & Parker Hale so that most Military re-enactment firearm requirements can now be supplied with Pedersoli’s well known attributes of fit, finish and above all, accuracy!  Euroarms & Parker-Hale have ceased production of muzzle-loading firearms.




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