Feinwerkbau Air Rifles

Feinwerkbau, the name says it all, it roughly translates to “Precision Tool Factory” and that is what they do, target rifles and pistols of the best designs made to the highest precision for your target shooting success. FWB air rifles have dominated the winners list at major events for many years and the rimfire models also regularly feature on the winner’s dais worldwide.

Rifles are available in various configurations from the “Basic” to the “Super Match”; some models are ambidextrous for club use while all the top line models are available in right or left hand with 3 choices of grip size and several colour choices. Air rifles and smallbore rifles are available with very similar stock configurations for those who shoot both disciplines.

Supplied ready to shoot with sights included. Also available in “Bench Rest” configuration. There are the Universal models with laminated stocks or the Aluminium stock designs in a choice of colours and grip sizes to choose from, they have a 22 mm barrel diameter in the rimfire range.

New to the FWB range of air rifles is the “Sport” model, a break barrel design based on the earlier models 124 and 127, a powerful model with an 18 joule ME, this model has a walnut stock and is all metal, no plastic bits!

More information at www.feinwerkbau.de

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