Feinwerkbau Target Pistols

Using the most modern manufacturing techniques all components for the products are produced in the factory by Feinwerkbau. Only high-quality raw materials are used to produce best quality products for your ultimate performance success.

Employees with many years of experience and technical know-how produce pistols made for top performance.

Feinwerkbau - precision for your success! See full details and specifications of the range  at www.feinwerkbau.de

Air Pistol Model P 8X

A revolutionary new design form Feinwerkbau with innovative features and highest quality materials to set new standards in compressed air pistols.

New features include a maintenance free pressure reducer and a new design of absorber for optimum accuracy.

The new anatomical grip available in 5 sizes can be removed from the pistol without the loss of the set position, adjustments can be made without removing the grip. The grip can be pivoted 20 degrees and rotated by 9 degrees for optimum control.

The new all steel vario trigger shoe can be adjusted 3 dimensionally and up to 4 mm in height, trigger settings can be adjusted without removal of the grip. The dry firing setting provides the same feeling as in the live firing mode.

Sighting radius variable between 330 to 400 mm with a new 4.2 mm block design foresight, alternate front sights available from 3.6 to 5.1mm as well as high sight blades, the rear sight can be pivoted + or ­- 15 degrees for can’t compensation, the sight notch can be adjusted between 1.8 and 3.5mm.

The aluminium barrel sleeve offers reduced weight if desired however there are also 4 moveable 15 gram weights to allow adjustment of the balance point.

Total weight of the new P 8X air pistol 950 grams, overall length 415 mm, delivered in a lockable case with one air cylinder.

FWB P11 Air Pistol

The Air Pistol Model P11 is a perfect addition to the Air- Pistol-Program from Feinwerkbau!
Due to the short sight radius of only 290mm (260mm on model P11 Piccolo), the air pistol model P11 offers very stable aiming on target and minor trembles can be easily compensated.
The low total weight of 730g (690g on Model P11 Piccolo) offers relaxed training and promises more performance in competition.
The extremely precise trigger offers various possibilities for adjustment. If necessary, the sight line can be tilted up to +/- 5° with only a few adjustments.
The universal use of the model P11 is possible due to the beech wood ambidextrous grip, an ideal club gun and at a favourable price!
The shorter lighter version of the P11, the “Piccolo” is ideal for smaller shooters and an ideal club gun where there are smaller shooters who have trouble holding the heavier models.

The P11 can also be supplied with an optional sight extension allowing use of an anatomical right or left handed grip.

Feinwerkbau AW 93 Sport Pistol

The AW 93 is a sporting pistol with a convincing performance level combined with high quality finish featuring 3 sizes of quality walnut adjustable grips, fully adjustable rear sight and a range of front sight blade widths and heights.

The pistol features balanced masses with special dampers for smoother shooting performance, the action can be demounted without tools and can be dryfired without snap caps for training.
Total weight 1.14 kg, also available as a “Light” model weighing 1.08kg, overall length 285 mm, sight line 217 mm, trigger weight 1kg, delivered with two 5 shot magazines in a lockable case.

More details at www.feinwerkbau.de

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