Kurt Thune Accessories

Kurt Thune Accessories

Kurt Thune is one of the leading producers of shooting clothing and accessories worldwide, their products are worn by a majority of the winners at World level events such as the Olympics and World Championships.

Most of their product line is made at their high tech factory at Forrsa in Finland, all products are designed, made and tested by people who actually participate in the shooting sports, most of the staff including managing director Kurt Thune himself are active target shooters.

Kurt has represented Finland in national teams on many occasions so you may be confident that you are getting highest quality products designed and made with your performance in mind rather than something slung together by unskilled piece workers in a third world country to sell at the lowest cost/highest margins.

We offer stock sizes or Made to Measure clothing, if we can meet somewhere we will do the measurements otherwise there are measuring charts and stock sizing charts on the factory website.

We usually have all the various slings and gloves in stock, with gloves there being many sizes available we may not always have the size you need but they come quite fast if we have to re-stock to meet your needs.

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