We are not gunsmiths and we do not do repairs although we do supply spare parts for the products that we sell and support.

As a licensed gun dealer, we can witness the transfer of firearms between Victorian license holders, we can arrange on line Permits to Acquire for Category A, B & H firearms through the Licensing & Regulation Branch OLD,s system.

We can facilitate interstate transfers to or from Victoria via Interstate Dealers,

We can also assist with Import & Export Clearances for international transfers if required however be aware that a firearm that can be purchased in an overseas market for what seems a bargain price compared to the local market will incur a lot of handling and documentation fees not to mention air cargo costs as most countries do not allow firearms to be posted.

As an example, a gun from USA incurs a US$250.00 export license fee, probably $2-300 in air cargo charges and probably $3-500 in customs clearance costs when it arrives so that US$200 rifle suddenly costs about $1000, unless you are wanting to import something unusual or a collector’s item you are better off at the local gun shop